JCL Properties Inc.

JCL Properties, Inc is a full-service property preservation and restoration company based out of Baltimore Maryland. JCL Properties Inc., was founded in 2008 to help reduce the bleak to the community that is created by vacant and abandoned houses. We offer comprehensive property preservation and ongoing management services for residential properties at any stage of the origination, servicing, disposition cycle including pre-foreclosure, vacant, and REO. Our approach is to produce an exemplary service to the community by providing reliable property preservation services and support to a network of companies maintaining vacant, foreclosed properties. We provide our clients with excellence in the industry, we offer front to back support for contractors in the field, and we provide a system of logistics and communications so properties find their way back onto the market.


JCL Properties, Inc


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In addition to outstanding property services, we also offer an extensive array of reporting systems. Click the icon to request a quote today!